Coronavirus Updates


Precautions and Prevention Strategies for all Staff and Branches:

1. Techs must wear gloves at deliveries and pickups for the foreseeable future until instructed otherwise. 


2.  All staff must wear gloves upon receiving returned equipment in the warehouse and retail locations. 


3. Wash your hands as frequently as possible throughout the day. Follow proper handwashing procedures as outlined by the CDC Handwashing Instruction.  


4. Use hand sanitizer frequently, especially before and after each stop or any customer contact.    


5. Techs must wipe down the cab of the truck, clipboard, etc with disinfectant wipes daily.  Office staff wipe down your work station with disinfectant wipes daily.  


6. All Branches- At least once per day wipe down all door handles; entry, bathroom, fridge etc with disinfectant wipes.     


7. Avoid handshakes if possible.  If not possible wash hands or use hand sanitizer soon after.   


8. Do NOT report to work if you have symptoms of a cold or flu. Please call ahead if you are unsure.


9. Try to sneeze/cough into your elbow.  Immediately wash your hands with soap after.


10. Techs and warehouse staff must spray down equipment after pick up, in the truck, with Cavicide wipes. Equipment must be sprayed again upon entry to the warehouse dirty area. 


Routing and Logistics Teams & CSR team taking orders:  Phone screening when scheduling deliveries must happen on each order.  Phone screen when taking new orders. Add “ICQ” (Infection Control Questions) to order notes to indicate these questions were asked.  

1. Symptoms: Are you or anyone in your household experiencing respiratory symptoms such as: fever, SOB, cough.

2. Travel: Have you or someone in your household traveled from: China, Iran, South Korea, Italy or Japan or had contact with someone who has?

3. Facilities: Be sure to call all facilities and ask if there are any added precautions. Some facilities are requiring a health pre-screening and we will need to take that extra time into account prior to dispatching. This is a good thing, as it ensures those entering the facility are healthy and less likely to spread the virus to an at-risk population.   


Protocol for clinicians 

1. Hand washing instead of jelling when possible.


2. For patients or family members with fever, SOB and/or cough, surgical masking is required for clinician as well as masking for patient/family members—whoever is coughing—if the mask can be tolerated. 

3. If the patient is positive for flu with symptoms, clinician gowning is required too (as well as gloving). 


4. The N95 mask is used only for patients who are positive for COVID19 with symptoms—also using gowns, gloves and goggles would be required in this (currently) rare situation. We don’t foresee exposing anyone within BHC to this sort of situation.

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