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Company Announcements

  • New Payroll- HR Platform Coming Soon- Gusto
  • Pulmonary Solutions, contracted with Amerigroup Medicaid, Anthem of Nevada effective 8-15-20
  • Hiring for Positions- None at this time

Joint Commission Announcements

  • Virtual Site Survey- Passed with 2 minor infarctions in 2021
  • Pulmonary Solutions, LLC educates its staff that if any employee has concerns about the safety or the quality of the care provided by Pulmonary Solutions, LLC they may report these concerns to The Joint Commission without fear of disciplinary action or consequences. Pulmonary Solutions, LLC takes no retaliatory disciplinary action against employees who report safety or quality of care concerns to The Joint Commission.

Medicare Announcements

  • Chart Audit, Pass Failure Rating- 92% Pass

Other Announcements

  • Supply Department Hit 180k In May 21 Processed Supply Revenue- The Highest Since 2017- Congrats!

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